Translations from Spanish and English into Italian

Professional translation not only means knowing the vocabulary and grammar of a language, but also the culture and the particular communication dynamics of its speakers.

Translation from one language (source language) into another (target language) is a complex process. That's why it needs the skilled knowledge of a professional.

What translation services do I provide?

For legal purposes, it is sometimes important to have proof that the translated document conforms faithfully to the original. This is why I provide a court-sworn translation service, whereby the translated document acquires official status.

What happens in practice?

The translator swears an oath before a court official or a notary public, declaring the faithfulness and correspondence of the translated document to the original. Furthermore, if the document is needed for official purposes abroad, the sworn translation has to be legalized or apostilled. In Italy, this is done at a local Prefecture or Public Prosecutor’s office, depending on the document.

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I translate documents, business projects, specialist volumes and books. I also use special translation software, known as CAT tools.

I provide translations in the following language combinations:

  • Spanish > Italian
  • English > Italian

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